The Dance of the Shadow

BEHOLD! The Light SHINES into the Darkness-

But the Darkness CANNOT OVERCOME IT.

No Darkness can exist in the presence of LIGHT.

He tries in vain to sneak into the light in the form of


Those things that follow closely behind you

And trace your footsteps.

YET, shadows are nothing more than a


Serving to make visible movements that happen under ILLUMINATION in the LIGHT.

It is your FRAME and POSITION,

As told by the LIGHT.

It sits BEHIND you because it cannot exist in front, for,

IT does not define YOU, YOU define IT.

Your shadow is not a pawn of the Darkness, it is a picture of what the light has left behind. It is your testimony. It is who you ONCE were. It moves with you. It captures your essence in a frame of LIGHT. Your shadow is what you were before you were enveloped in LIGHT.

Define your shadow with your MOVEMENTS IN THE LIGHT.


Light’s Invitation

We who speak in the language of tears,
We whose existence is numbered by years
Can rest in victory knowing
He’s conquered all fears.

The Darkness will whisper,
“come sit and come dwell,
Abide in my presence and let your fear swell.”

The Darkness insists that
No Light can match it
No shining lumen can reach
Into this pit.

The Darkness invites you to be swallowed up
To drown in despair
To drink his foul cup.


Let it flood away fears!
Let it shine so brightly
It dries up your tears!

The Darkness will flee,
It cannot coexist.
The poison of despair cannot handle this!

Let the warmth of the Light envelop your soul!
Rest easy,
See, the Father is making you whole.


I cry, “God I’m not strong enough!”
He calls back, “Child, I know!
I’ve given you these weaknesses
So in me, you can grow.
Your body’s weak, your mind is frail,
Your strength is wearing thin.
You fight the crowd, it wears you out,
Child won’t you fall on me?
Aren’t you tired of running?
Don’t your feet get sore?
I’ll carry you when you can’t walk,
I’ve done it many times before.”

Romanced by the Divine

The simmer of affection can quickly start a flame,
Such fire can be ravaging, if it’s not contained.
This damaging attention, this ever-wand’ring gaze,
This need to gain affection has become a roaring blaze.
In my mind, I know you love me;
I try to feel it in my heart,
But when mortal affection comes, my intentions fall apart.
So thirsty for what’s tangible,
So hungry for what’s seen.
A gentle kiss, a warm embrace,
Toward the arms of men I lean.


Your love is not love as I understand it,
Not a flesh-love, though my heart may demand it.
You whisper “I love you” in the green on the trees,
Your loving embrace is a warm summer breeze.
Your kiss is the laughter You’ve placed in my heart,
Your pleasure expressed by the songs you impart.
You lace your fingers in mine through the smile of a friend
By all this, I know that Your love does not end.
Wiping tears from my eyes, with a hug from a mother,
Oh God! Can Your love be matched by another?
Your love is so bright, so vibrant, CONSUMING!
Your love conquered sin that once called itself “dooming.”
God, give me eyes for this invisible love,
Let Your silent “sweet nothings” be always enough;
As You tug my heart-strings with the blessings of life,
Even if I never become a man’s wife.
You call me Your Darling, a Princess, a Bride!
Oh God of true romance, stay here by my side.

One True Knight

A prince comes along, ready to fight; To win my heart, Majestic Knight!
With valiant steed and sword unsheathed, A Noble man, to say the least!

Yet before him lies a dragon slain, An easy path and smooth terrain
Any peasant walk this way could claim, himself, this grand display!

Make it simple, get rid of the fight, And ANY man can be your knight.

That’s not the way the Lord intended, The prince approach with battle ended.
To never have to draw his sword, Any knight will soon get bored.

To win a game, though never played: Such easy vict’ry cheapens the maid.
What good is a trophy that you did not win; scars from a battle that you were not in?

To win a heart so easily, such vict’ry seems too good to be!

To find a spark and call it love, though a spark will burn out soon enough.
Love is more a steady flame: A hard-fought fight , a well-played game

A knight who stands with armor muddied, sweat upon his brow, and sword a-bloodied
Exhausted from a battle long, muscles aching, yet standing strong

To gaze upon his precious prize, to look at her with loving eyes

To say that she was worth the fight and call himself her one True Knight.

The Life and Death of the Peculiar Poet

We are a peculiar people
on a planet of normalities
We are wandering wonderers
in a world of mysteries

We are at rest, but not at home
At peace, yet constantly at war
Lonely, though never alone

I am lost in a world of temporary pleasures
I lie awakened in a dreamland of defiance

I have fallen asleep to the dreams of this world
that my eyes may be opened elsewhere
I have died to to mortal pleasure
that life may burst forth

I am but a shell of a woman
I have been freed from this mortal cage
I am no longer ruled by my reflection
Words of war can no longer pierce my soul.

I was called
while I stumbled through the wilderness,
As I reached my hand forth
trying to feel a path in the darkness,
It was caught by another.

I was pulled through the darkness gently
As He guided, my feet became entangled
by the roots along the dark path.

He stops
He stoops
He frees my feet to walk again
as he leads me with His loving hand.

At times, I could not breathe.
The path was too difficult,
the terrain too rough

Yet, as I empty my lungs, He fills them
His breath sustains my heartbeat
When I was choking on the atmosphere of earth,
He raised my chin heavenward to inhale the air of the Divine.

As we walk I realize that I am no longer me.
I cannot breathe without Him
I cannot walk without His lead
I cannot see with my own eyes
I am nothing.

I have become but a vessel for Him to pour into
His breath saturates my lungs.
His feet guide my own.
His eyes give me sight

It is no longer I who live
but Christ who lives in me.

I have died.
I cannot live without Him sustaining me.
Without Him, I am nothing.
With Him, I have EVERYTHING.

I am a peculiar person
on a planet of normalities
I am a wandering wonderer
in a world of mysteries.

I am not my own.
I am not me.
I am He who lives within me
I am He who walks beside me

I am a dead woman walking
a picture of Grace
a snapshot of Mercy
I am His.