I Hate the Christian Music Station

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I no longer
Care too much for the songs we sang,
(I don’t know when I stopped)
VBS was so very long ago and I was just a child

Who disillusioned me or was I?
Perhaps this mood is not natural for me,
But repetitive lyrics grate on my nerves
And I won’t hold hands or praise-and-worship

However, the sincere effort is somehow
Inspiring, compared to those frozen mouths
I guess, play your guitar, sir,
Maybe I’ll whisper the words which you cling to.

For 4/29, my thoughts on the sudden frustration I developed with the local CCM radio channel when I was about fifteen. I just stopped listening, and I still cringe sometimes (it is the last resort when no other channels are playing things worthy of listening to).


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