Foam to Steel

The battle rages
hard and long
armored bodies
soldiers strong

He withdrawals his weapon
sweat on his brow
the warrior
is ready now

With confidence,
he makes his blow
pulls back his arm
with strength, it goes

The sword flies
with surprising ease
he straightens his arm
and locks his knees

The sword splits in two
as it meets its match
the soldier, with surprise,
does gasp.

He stares at the foam
lying there on the floor
He’s just a grown man playing
With a little boy’s sword.

Stop fighting with
what you knew before
It is not capable anymore!

You have entered
a battlefield that is real
Replace your foam
with a sword of steel.

When you were a child,
you fought like one
But now your boyish days
are done.

Set aside your childish ways
numbered are your days

Don’t waste your life
with playing knight,
pick up your sword and join the fight!


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