Beauty Defined.

This mortal capsule puts no boundaries on beauty
this earthly cage cannot contain the splendor of a spirit set free

A simple reflection is inadequate to capture the depth of a soul
No scale can weigh the measure of Glory poured on me

Society would have me believe that I am not that which I am
I am not valued
I am not worthy
I am not beautiful
I am nothing.

My Love whispers words of a different sort to my wounded soul,
“You are priceless
You are worth it
You are beautiful
For you, I gave everything.”

As I let his words wash over me,
I realize that I am more.
I am more than the world tells me I am
I am more than I have let myself believe
I am more than my failures and my victories.

There are a thousand labels I could throw on myself
But He tells me that only one will do:
I am

His handiwork,
His prized possession,
His love,
His child,

My skin barely scratches the surface of who I am made to be.
My hair cannot adorn my head with more prestige than the crown of beauty he offers.

Clothes cannot cover the radiance placed inside me.
The whitest of smiles cannot compete with a purity restored.

What is beauty?
It is not of mortality.
Beauty is to gaze into the face of the Creator, the Redeemer, the Savior
and see yourself for who you truly are.
Beauty is the knowledge of the only Beautiful One.

Look no more to the mirror to see your reflection,
Look to the Son and see your perfection.


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