The Exodus of Me

Yes, it is terrifying to face the unknown;

Surely fear would delight to seize you and render you helpless.

Oh, you who see with eyes of flesh,

Do you not see what is happening here?

A greater power is at play!

See how the army descends upon us,

watch as they draw their swords for battle,

Yet, in all this, the Lord is setting the stage for His Glory.

Every step of the oncoming army
increases the glory God will bring to himself.

Your deliverance is not to make your name great,

Lest it is no deliverance at all!

View your placement,

See how helpless you are to help yourself!

Watch, as I give you the eyes of the Spirit,

and close your eyes of flesh.

Look, as the army of inadequacy that pursues you

becomes feeble and frail.

The past that threatens to overtake you shall come no closer.

Behold the protection I will place between you!

I am He who goes before, but also He who follows closely behind.

This army shall never overtake you again,

Still your trembling knees.

Now, TRUST ME, for I will make a way.

I will do the impossible because my heart delights in my people

and in the way I will be glorified by their deliverance.

Lift up to me that which you walk by,

that which you lean on,

your staff.

Surrender to me that which guides your path,
and I will create a new path for you.

Raise it heavenward,

and I will drive back the sea.

I will clear the way for your deliverance

as you lift your arms.

Because I love you.

Because I am Glorious,

Because I am Greater.

Now that which once kept you from freedom

Has become the means of your deliverance.

Oh you of little faith, why do you question My might?

Why do you look to the sea and lose your trust?

Do you not know that I am He who created that very sea?

I have known this moment before the creation of the world!

I have ordained it for my glory and your edification.

Have I not proved myself faithful in Freedom AND captivity?

Trust me. I AM that which I AM.

I am Captivity

I am Deliverance

I am Freedom

I am the Lord Your God.


One thought on “The Exodus of Me

  1. Cameron Hicks April 10, 2015 / 10:20 pm

    Wooww, the parts about the staff really blew my mind. I had never considered that symbolism of Moses’ staff: “Surrender to me that which guides your path,/and I will create a new path for you.”


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